Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hotline Miami

The first time I saw Hotline Miami, specially the cover game, I felt it was kinda odd to see a image of a humanoid pig. Other pictures show also some humanoid chicken or an owl. I was, what kind of a game is this? Also static images suggested me at first some sort of a GTA game, but with no cars. Nevertheless, and due to an overall positive feedback to the title I decided to get it.

So, what's the game about? Well in a very short version, you are this sort of serial killer, hired by some enigmatic phone caller to carry out some killing. Each game level, will see you on a top view, carrying different sort of weapons to put away enemies in the most violent way possible (yeah the more bloodier, more bonus). It sounds basic enough and it is, but despite it and the fact that this game is a bit violent, it's also very fun and addicting. In each level you find yourself facing a greater number of enemies, and trying to dispose them. There are several different weapons to use, which gives different types of killing possible. Oh and the animal heads, are just a sort of mask we use, that gives a special bonus.
Another thing I enjoyed on the game, was the soundtrack. Some musics, are really entertaining while you play the game.
The game is not exactly that big. A good player will probably finish it in about 5 hours top. There is a bit of replayability, like getting all the game achievements (if Steam version), unlock all masks, get all weapons or complete the game puzzle.
In my opinion, the price tag of 8.5 euros, it's ok for what you get, but if you happen to find the game at some sale, or even indie bundle, I'd say go for it.

My rating would be 80/100.

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