Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Humble Bundle sets a new record thanks to EA

For those who do not know, Humble Bundle is probably one of the most notorious site available that features exceptional packs of indie games at some amazing prices. Many indie titles have been sold through Humble Bundle, like Amnesia, Super Meat Boy or Hotline Miami to name very few. There been other great packs, such as the THQ pack which featured some Red Faction games, Metro 2033 or more recently the Deep Silver bundle that features not so indie games like Saints Row III or Dead Island, plus others. These 2 last packs did quite nice sells too.

But the latest Humble Bundle package (which curiously is ending today), set a new record which I believe will be hard to topple unless they manage to bring some other big titles in. First and foremost, it's curious to see a site that usually features sales for indie games, offering a pack from no more nor less than EA. EA is not very popular among gamers, yet  for some reason this bundle as proven to be the opposite, striking with a remarkable sale value above 10 million dollars. Sure the bundle brings some extraordinary titles, like Battlefield 3 or Deadspace 1 and 3, or even Crysis 2 (or Sims 3 if that's your thing), but still since everyone seems to be hating EA it really is funny to see how well this bundle did.

In any case, and if it serves of any purpose, all the procedures this bundle makes will go straight to charity, all thanks to EA and us, who bought it. Of course EA will profit out of this. One will be the result in the year's end for taxes purpose, and also the fact that they will put their online gaming platform, Origin, with a few more thousands of users. Although this won't be a threat for Steam anywhere close.

I for one, did bought this bundle and I'm very pleased with it. I don't consider EA to be the big evil but I don't think they are doing God's job either. They are far from being the perfect company, but at least if sometimes there's something they that I like, I don't feel ashamed to support. And if by any reason they do something that displeases me, well I can always go elsewhere. At least I don't advocate evil in all EA doings... Anyways, if you got this bundle for what it gives you, that means, the games, then well done!

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