Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tremor Games, get Steam games while playing

I've heard of Tremor Games like 6 month ago. At the time it was a bit too "fishy" to be real. The idea behind it, is to play games (browser games), earn coins (the site currency) and eventually exchange that currency for actual Steam (or other platforms) games. 

I did create a account there and tried it for a bit. While it was interesting it never caught my eyes until like 2 months ago. Back when I first start getting coins was basically by daily logging and game playing (and completing trophies, sort of in-site achievements). However recently there been some nice changes with the inclusion of tasks (from, video watching from Virool or other offers from Supersonic Offers or Trialpay Offers. With these options users can do several different tasks, and gain coins to spend on games that are being sold by the Tremor Games shop. Note that these tasks and offers differ from country to country. On my country, offers are a bit scarce, but I think in countries like USA, the offers are a lot more.
I usually bet on either videos or the tasks from Crowdflowers, which has proven to be rewarding. I can say in the past month of March I was able to acquire the following titles:

- A Game of Dwarves

Update: List of games acquired is now vastly superior.

All this in a matter of two weeks.
I can also say that this month I already got a game for Desura, Dawnstar and Red Orchestra 2 GOTY for steam.
But there are plenty of other games in store. Darksiders 2, Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur, Hotline Miami, FTL, Farcry 3, Assassin's Creed games and many others.
Most of these games available, are source from active indie bundles, but Tremor Games also pays (with coins) to users who "sell" them Steam gifts of any game on Steam.

Talking about the games you can play on Tremor Games. Well mostly are the typical browser game, like a shooter, a tower defense game, or a card game, rpg titles that save progress (even one made on RPG Maker if I'm correct), interesting puzzle games that pull for your brain. It has a huge range of choices.
How you get coins while playing? Certain games, have a set number of achievements that once complete will earn you coins. Easy achievements earn you 5 coins, Medium 10, Hard 15 and Impossible 20. Most achievements, at least the Easy category are, surprisingly enough, easy to complete. Medium are also accessible, while the rest requires a bit more dedication/patience. Also, a curious note, there is a top list for Impossible achievement, so it's an extra bonus for those who try them.

Also there is, of course, a referral program active. If anyone is interested in being my referral just follow the following link:
Otherwise, you can go and register yourself at the site. Being referral is optional.

In any case, if you are a avid game collector like me, and at some given point you can't just afford every game, Tremor Games can be the perfect alternative. I can say, this site works.