Thursday, June 12, 2014

Steam Games: Metal Planet review

Let's start with the obvious. This is one more game that came from Steam Greenlight, and in all truthness many titles that come from it, well, are a bit underwhelming... Also some came previously in some Indie bundle or another, when they were Greenlight promising Steam keys to everyone who buys the bundle and votes the game.

While I'm not against Steam Greenlight, on the contrary, developers should be more careful on what they bring over and they should look over much more to their games.
Metal Planet is an example. This is a multiplayer game. Don't expect any single player stuff, there is none except playing vs A.I., if that's your thing. So, for a multiplayer game, you would expect to have other players to join you. Well, apparently not here. I've tried it for a bit, but there were exactly one empty server (I assume that's the official server). No one seen around. In all fairness I didn't played it much, nor tried other hours of the day, but seeing at is, it's not a pretty sight.

Metal Planet gameplay is based on capturing points much like Team Fortress 2. However you are not a regular soldier, you are sort of a Mech. Well sort off. Don't expect Mechwarrior gameplay. This is really poor version of it. Walking feels anything but Mech. More like walking on wheels. I didn't noticed torso twisting but then again I didn't pay attention to key bindings. And basically shooting didn't felt much like it. But I could live with it, if there were players to play with.

Developers should be aware of what they bring to Steam. Not saying that they should or should not place a game on Steam. That's up with them, but these sort of titles should try to put up features that would make players at LEAST try the game. Even just launching them. A feature could be Steam Achievements, or even Steam Cards. Although I doubt this would be enough for Metal Planet.

I don't like to criticize games nor the developers because unlike me, they work on the title and try to develop a game, but I would like them to look at what they did and decide if it is or not material they should put on Steam and selling them for a price.

Metal Planet is not the case.

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