Thursday, October 25, 2012

What's this all about then?

Well, first and foremost, my main hobby is video games, mostly PC. It's been ages since I first played my PC game (Alley Cat) back in an old Sinclair that i can't even recall it's specs. It used back then, if I'm not mistaken, MS-DOS 3.0 and had an external drive for 3.5 low density disks. No, i never had one Spectrum... Eventually i would grow from then on to a 386 and all the way until present. 
Man, looking back it's been such a long time... 

But why this and why now? Well first off, i have found memories of many of the classics I've played all these years. Outrun, Wing Commander, Civilization (the first one), Doom,  Castle Wolfenstein, Dune 2, etc etc. I could go on, these just spring to mind. Lately I've been roaming around my old games disk, and nostalgia just got to me. (Not the 3.5 disk games, those are gone unfortunately for me...). I've been member also of Good Old Games ( site for some time now, and every time i browse that site there are a ton of game i wish to play again. And many are not on that site. So basically my idea is just to create a blog where i share my experiences, once again, with all these games that for many are lost in time. And this idea been on me for some time now. Maybe it's time to put it to practice.

First off, I'm gonna try to get a list of games from each year since 1990 (wont be easy and probably i will miss many), and place it on the blog. Eventually i will try, not all of course, but some and point how to make them work on modern systems (Dosbox is a wonder for old games). Will also point for excellent deals that can be made on 
And also, and i was forgetting this, lately there has been an increasingly amount of games being developed by independent parties (called Indie companies) producing in many cases excellent quality games. I will try to post a few notes about any of those i try.

Overall i just want to create a blog that shows what has been made in video games history. I wont be the first doing this, and probably not the last, but as Barney would have said "challenge accepted"!

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